Fingers Crossed

Today I went for my Covid 19 test driving through the Mancunian rain to the Ethiad stadium where one of many test sites are situated. The test was booked through work who telephoned me five minutes after I emailed them with my concerns and why I required a test. During the call everything was all organised with the minimum of fuss and all I needed to take with me was my I.D and the email sent to my phone confirming my booking.

Over the last few months we have been inundated with emails from work regarding Covid. From how to stay safe, how to book a test to when to self isolate and for how long. In fact, we have received so many emails you almost switch off you get tired of being sent so much information on a constant basis. So when it came to booking a test I had to text a colleague who had been through this scenario to make sure I booked it correctly.

Why am I in need of a test?

Over the last couple of days a number of colleagues at work had tested positive for Covid despite barely having any symptoms. The only symptoms they did display was fatigue. No coughs, temperature or lack of taste or smell.

Working in the same office even though our desks are 2m apart does give cause for concern so when I was hit with a huge wave of fatigue on Wednesday I started to wonder if the cause was Covid.

I woke up on Wednesday and could barely get out of bed. I only managed to walk the dogs and make a cup of tea before returning to my bed again where I stayed until Thursday morning. The last few weeks have been busy for me. My days off have been spent decorating my eldest son`s house and I have recently moved work offices. Having spent 20 years in one place and being part of the furniture and knowing everyone so well, I moved nearer home to work and I am still finding my feet. Although my new team have been very welcoming, it has been a whirlwind for me emotionally. I thought the tiredness was just the previous few weeks catching up with me. Maybe so, maybe not?

With other colleagues testing positive for Covid with the only symptom being fatigue meant I had better have a test. The whole procedure went smoothly. From the moment I sent the email to the moment I got to the testing site at The Ethiad Stadium car park and throughout my interaction with the staff I can only praise the way the whole process went.

Waiting Game

Although it could take up to 72 hours for the results to be known, I have been told it is likely to be within 24 hours. In that time I have to isolate meaning I have had to cancel my dental and hairdresser appointments but it has to be done to protect others should I be positive.

The clock is ticking.

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