Playing the waiting game

Its been 25 hours since I had my Covid 19 test and I patiently wait for a text and email result. Having felt remarkedly normal for the last couple of days since I was hit with a bout of fatigue earlier in the week, I doubt the test will come back positive. However listening to a number of people recently who have tested positive with very few symptoms who knows what my result will be? In fact one colleague had to have several tests as the first two came back “inconclusive”.

Since the test I have had to cancel my dentist and hairdresser appointments as I self isolate pending the test result. This has meant much waiting around listening for my phone to buzz with the news.

Come 2pm today I should have been in work so I switched on my work phone and started going through the many emails requiring my attention, yikes I must be bored if checking work emails helps pass the time.

Suddenly the hoover looks appealing as does the mountain of clothes washing that has built up during the week, anything to occupy my mind and help pass the time. The kettle has been working overtime as making a cup of coffee passes time, anything to make the clock hands move around that bit faster.

Should the result be negative then I will return to work, however if I am positive then I had better get used to looking at four walls at home!

Tick Tock.

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