Watching from across the pond

Whilst not wishing to become all political you cannot help but cast an eye on proceedings in the US elections and have an opinion on the whole thing.

Whatever your political persuasion I cannot help but notice how divisive Donald Trump is and how he has split the United States over a number of issues. Then this is the man who believes you treat Covid by injecting bleach into your body.

Yet almost an extra 3 million Americans voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016 which is a hell of a figure.

What is similar to the previous election in 2016, both coastlines voted Democrat yet the middle of the country voted republican.

Now Trump without any evidence whatsoever claims the postal ballot is fraudulent and wants to take the election result through the supreme Court and the British government refuses to call Trump out for these comments. Probably due to having trade deals in the balance!

I did want to stay up and watch the results unfold such is the interest and curiosity but in the end I am glad I didn’t as I would have been disappointed with no result called as yet.

It will be a shame if the result ends up in the courts but I would not be surprised if it did knowing Trump.

It’s such a shame that in this day and age the only political option in the UK was between Corbyn and Johnson and in the States Trump and Biden. Says alot I think.

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