Time to give up the booze?

I have never abused or had an issue with alcohol despite my mother being an alcoholic and my older sister dying from alcohol related health issues. Thankfully I have had a positive relationship with alcohol. Sure I have over done it at times having a heavy night but who hasn’t? Recently though I feel that having a sociable drink in the house is ruining the following day and effecting my mental health. Here’s why.

Some people do not bother drinking in the house, preferring to wait for a night out or a meal to drink. I have found that working shifts including weekends, I look forward to a drink in the evening in the middle of the week when I am off or even on a weekend that I am off. During the long summer evenings I find it relaxing having a cold beer in the garden enjoying the late evening sunshine.

At this time of year, I love nothing more than snuggling down in the house with candles lit, the heating on, watching some good television and enjoy some wine or whatever takes my fancy. I don’t abuse it. I am never drunk, nor do I morph into a different animal when I have had a drink like a lot of people do. The issue for me is the next day.

I admit I have mixed my drinks recently. Starting off with a glass of red wine, a couple of beers and finish with a couple of Jack Daniels all of which give me a splitting headache the next morning. Add the insatiable desire to eat “stodgy” food like an English breakfast of a trip to McDonalds for their sausage and egg McMuffin meals which doesn’t help my waistline. The biggest worry for me is how irritable I feel after a drink the night before.

Certain alcoholic drinks effect you differently. Like dark spirits effect you differently to white spirits apparently. Despite being in a good mood, the next day I can tell the alcohol effects my brain and moods making me irritable, annoyed, short tempered which I hate.

I find my Sundays are spoilt by my mood. When I want a relaxing family day I am the one with the grumpy head and I hate myself for it. Hence why I think its time to give the booze a break as it is clearly the alcohol that is causing it. Those days where I do not drink I am less irritable and moody.

My problem is will power and a lack of it. Its the same with exercise or dieting, if I am in the mood and motivated its easy to follow a new routine. If you are not 100% behind your plan it will be doomed to failure. Having said that, I need to change some of my habits around alcohol and with little or no chance of going out on a night out anytime soon, surely now is a good time to start?


  1. Good luck to you. For years now I’ve only had alcohol Friday, Saturday and Sunday (it’s not a religion so alcohol is allowed if there is a specific social occasion in the week). I don’t overdo it at the weekends but find I am cutting down there too as drinking less lowers the tolerance to it – I don’t get drunk but do find I sleep less well if I ever go beyond 3 glasses of wine. What a lightweight!

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    • You are no lightweight, wine can be really strong. I definitely see the coloration between alcohol and poor sleep which is not good if you are training too. Thanks for the comment.


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