Under Construction

I’m currently flicking through WordPress reader checking out several well established blogs looking for some pointers for my own site. Currently my site feels a little “Under Construction” with a dodgy URL (an automated URL that isn’t pleasant on the eye with so many numbers attached) and a basic theme being used. Here’s a few thoughts whizzing around my head in terms of my blog, where I would like to take it and how I want it to look like.

Originally when I created this site my thoughts were “keep it simple”. Low budget, low key and simple on the eye. I was reluctant to spend any money on the site for fear of losing interest and closing it down within weeks, what a waste of £36 that would have been?

After struggling to come up with an interesting name for my blog, I settled for Frustrated Blogger purely because that summed up my feelings at the time of opening this blog.

Blogging does frustrate and excite me in equal measure. A lack of interaction from fellow bloggers to struggling to think up something interesting or funny to write! We have all felt these emotions during our time blogging. Over time I have been undecided whether to blog anonymously like I am here or whether to name the blog after me and splash my mugshot all over the internet. Being anonymous provides me with a warm comfort blanket where I can bare my soul and personal stories to the world yet no one knows its me doing the scribbling. Yet there is a feeling of authenticity, realism and professionalism from blogs written by people who do show the world the real them. I constantly bash my head against the wall with this decision swinging from one idea to the other and never deciding on which avenue to take.

By keeping this blog simple and “low thrills” I put all my energy into writing rather than flowering it up with various differing themes or widgets. It can be a fine line between being simplistic and looking very boring. Another balancing act I struggle with daily.

For £3 per month I can get a custom domain and access to many more themes. I could have a professional looking site (even if the content isn’t!) for the price of a coffee at Costa or Starbucks which seems a no brainer doesn’t it?

So over the next few weeks I think rather than diving in Ill slowly but surely develop the blog, apply a bit of spit & polish and try to produce something I am proud of and appeals to everyone else.

Ultimately I enjoy bashing down on the keyboard writing about all sorts of things that pop into my head, a little bit of anything & everything. What I would love to happen is fellow bloggers engage with me and each post can generate some discussion. It can be difficult writing and asking for feedback or advice and all you get back is tumbleweed. Even if a couple of people took the time, like I do to reply to my posts it would really spur me on and brighten up my day.


  1. I get the tumbleweed frustration all too well from when I started up in August. In that same mindset of lowkey, low budget.

    But I have to say, the domainname and theme purchase have been a good boost to keep at it – and get to a point where comments are a regular thing and not an exception.

    So yeah – I’m sure you’ll get there too after that dive!

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  2. I like your blog name! It caught my interest – but I assume you’ve paid those £3 or whatever currency you said, for custom domain and more. I’m glad, by the way, that wp.com has some affordable plans now, compared to when I used it, years ago.
    Good luck with your writing, and for reader engagement I’d recommend to visit and comment on other blogs. There are some good blogs around here and some nice people too. Your blog looks great to me so far!

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