Is there a lockdown on around here?

You wouldn’t have thought so given the traffic on the roads, people in the supermarkets and general hustle & bustle on the streets. Back in March and April at the start of Lockdown#1 the streets were deserted. We no longer heard the drone of cars rolling along the main road nearby, cars were parked on the street never moving for weeks, there were no planes in the sky and for once we heard birds chirping all day.

Lockdown#2 isn’t as tight as the first time around with schools, nurseries, colleges and more businesses open but I didn’t expect this amount of footfall and traffic once lockdown restarted.

This lunchtime I visited the local supermarket to top up our supplies and the roads were so busy, noticeably so. The supermarket had a steady flow of customers, the levels you would expect for a midweek lunchtime. Thankfully there is no panic buying this time around but the first lockdown was so significant this time you wouldn’t think we were in another lockdown. The only giveaway were the number of hairdressers, salons that had their shutters down and pubs with their doors closed due to the latest restrictions. Yet life seems to go on as normal.

In the Spring, I remember hearing so many people in their gardens doing DIY jobs around their properties. People off work with time on their hands putting it to good use. The streets appeared desolate, the roads too. You could hear a pin drop from morning to night. This time life seems to be carrying on regardless, whether that is a good thing or not I am unsure because I did expect things to quieten down again. Maybe I was wrong?

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