Negative news and that noise

So many people have agreed with my thoughts that the national news in the UK is predominantly all negative news with most people deciding to take a break from it all. We have had the divisive Brexit campaign, the conspiracy theories around Covid, 5g and witnessed all the death and suffering to do with the virus around the world.

Over time these depressing news stories start to grind you down mentally. If you turn off the television, its on the radio and splashed everywhere on social media. 24 hours of constant negativity being drummed into us eventually takes its toll.

Having had this discussion with many colleagues at work there seemed a common consensus that many people are tuning in less to the news headlines purely because it is effecting their mental health and general mood.

I tend to read comments to news articles on twitter, usually for a laugh as people do write the most stupid replies to a national news broadcaster but having checked many replies today a few other things have struck me.

Firstly, many people who reply to a news post have clearly not read the article before posting a reply. Had they done so then they wouldn’t have embarrassed themselves with their reply in the first place. People see a headline, interpret it in one way and comment on that interpretation without checking out the article. Surely if you had an opinion on something wouldn’t you want to divulge the information so better to form that opinion? No not many of the British public, that would involve engaging their brain.

Then there are those who post comments purely replying to another users comments clearly itching for an argument. People reply with their thoughts and there is always one noisy user who decides to set about abusing someone for their reply and offering nothing to the actual debate. All noise, shouting and preaching their opinions rather than having a sensible debate. It can be funny but today I felt drained and annoyed by it all.

Reading comments on the local online news outlets shows up some absolute idiots who post comment after comment nothing to do with the actual article. People will insinuate the race of the people in the article based on limited facts, they will then argue amongst themselves and call each other names like in a primary school playground. Some people just love an argument and want to rant at other people. Where is the good old fashioned sensible debate where people come together and discuss their point of view? In this day and age many people do not want to hear the other side of a debate, its their way or no way.

At least our local news programme does try to produce some lighter stories for the viewers whether funny or about good deeds done. The presenters really try to inject a bit more light hearted humour into the programme once the main news stories have been delivered.

I cannot see the national news programmes changing tact anytime in the future. There will be the knee jerk reactions, the doom and gloom to report. Maybe this is what viewers want? Maybe the viewing figures have actually risen because of these types of stories? Maybe people don’t tune in to light hearted news or news delivered in a less dramatic fashion?

For my own sanity I have decided to reduce my intake of the news in all forms. Life is too short to be dragged down by all the negativity.

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