Brand new old website

Remember my recent post about looking at what to do with the blog? Well I decided to take the plunge and pay for the personal plan on WordPress and here are a few new changes to the blog.

Why Blogged Off?

Firstly, the URL has changed from Frustrated Blogger (and a load of numbers attached as it was a free WordPress URL) to Why Blogged Off? A couple of reasons really. I wanted something short, snappy and easy for people to remember which this is. I also tried to use a play on words. So you can interpret the name along the line of being frustrated like the phrase “Brassed Off” a northern term for being annoyed. So it kind of goes along the theme of frustrated blogger.

For those who have never seen the 1990`s film Brassed Off about a mining town (Grimethorpe) in Barnsley, its brass band and their struggles to keep the mining pit open where almost everyone in the town worked, I urge you to.

Nationally coal mining pits were being closed right, left and centre causing mass unemployment in working class areas mostly in Northern England during the 1980`s. The film is one of my favourites of all time and we have a connection with the town where my eldest was born. So Blogged Off has a few meanings for myself and it just resonated with me.

Then I tinkered with a few themes settling with the current one you see now. This may change as I am often torn between a simple blog style and a fancy website home page look, but for now what you see is what you get.

What now for Blogged Off?

My plan is rather simple to keep writing as often as possible. I am an impulsive blogger in that I write about things that pop straight in my head and I just have to get down online. Sometimes work gets in the way and a lack of time and ideas mean the posts dry up but I am hopeful that wont happen too often. Some blogs have a niche, mine tends to be about anything and everything so keep a look out for my posts you just never know what may be being published.

My main worry is that I will overthink things too much. When that happens doubt creeps in and I tend to not post all that often because I generally talk myself out of it. Ultimately this is my blog detailing my thoughts and opinions and if I stick to that principle then the posts should keep flowing nicely.

Welcome to Blogged Off, I hope you can stick around by following the blog either via WordPress, email or on Twitter.

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