Where the hell has the weekend gone?

Bloody typical isn’t it? Being a shift worker and therefore working the previous two weekends I long for my two weekends off in the month. Here we are on Sunday evening and I’m thinking Where the hell did my weekend off go? My days off have gone quicker than the food does in my cupboards when the kids enter the kitchen.

There I was leaving work on Friday afternoon looking ahead to the weekend and no work until Monday afternoon and someone has pressed the fast forward button to Sunday. Thanks for that!

Its been 20 years since I worked Monday to Friday so my memory is a little hazy when trying to remember what it felt like to wish your life away all week for the weekend only to see the weekend fly by as fast as Concorde. I’m convinced that when at work at the weekend time seems to slow down, funny that?

It only seems five minutes ago I was sat in this very spot on the sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing (yeah I know I’m a middle aged man but I do like it) and here I am ready to watch the Strictly Sunday night results show.

Ah well no amount of moaning will bring the weekend back or slow what’s left of it down, so I guess I had better just suck it up and enjoy what’s left of my Sunday evening.


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