Twitter morphs into Facebook

A funny thing happened last night. Whilst checking Twitter I suddenly thought I was on Facebook or Instagram. What are all these new icons at the top of my news feed? Stories? No Fleets! Yep Twitter is morphing into every other social media platform by creating stories that last for 24 hours.

First Twitter extended the character limit for Tweets from 140 to 280 characters which put it more inline with Facebook status’s rather than a tweet. Now they have added their own stories but called them Fleets (crap name alert).

Snapchat started the whole idea of posts disappearing after 24 hours. Then Instagram caught on with their stories, copied by Facebook (who own Instagram) and Whatsapp (owned by Facebook) are rolling out whatsapp messages that disappear after 7 days. Now Twitter has decided to join the disappearing post party.

Here’s an idea. Why cant Twitter be for writing, Instagram for pictures, Tik Tok for videos and Facebook for dimwits? – Bloggedoff

Why do all the social media platforms have to merge into each other? Surely the attraction with these is that they stand apart from the crowd and each other. If you prefer friends reunited have Facebook. If you like instant news, sport, weather, commenting with celebrities use Twitter, if you like posting and viewing pictures choose Instagram. All that is happening is each company is stealing each others ideas like Facebook started using hashtags which I suspect failed miserably compared to how they are used on Twitter.

I suppose the one good part of all this is that Ill just stick to Twitter. There I can write, post pictures, stories, follow hashtags without having to separate everything over several different platforms. It also means I don’t have to log in and check several different sites throughout the day, I can just do it from one site.

Does anyone have an opinion on the new fleets? Or an opinion on social media platforms and the way they are developing? If so comment below.


  1. I couldn’t agree more!! And Instagram has become some weird marketplace. I’m seriously considering quitting Instagram. I disliked it before and dislike it even more now. But I guess I have to wait a while because I just promised a new whiskey company to do an Instagram post about their new whiskey after I receive a sample. 😜
    Instagram has become like a street in Las Vegas – attention grabbing stuff, videos and ad looking stuff everywhere, I don’t know where to look to see people’s actual content. I hate what it has become and don’t enjoy using it anymore.
    I still have a Facebook account but basically only use it to watch livestreams that aren’t done anywhere else. I also prefer Twitter. I write a blog about Irish whiskey and most of my networking is done on Twitter, plus I think it’s the most enjoyable, or perhaps least annoying, social media tool to use.
    The new fleets are just ridiculous! They need to add an edit button instead. Even more ridiculous that you can’t edit typos on a well established platform.

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    • Such a shame that these social media companies change things to meet their own ends and ruin the experience for the users. These fleets haven’t really taken off, like you say twitter could have spent their time in better ways than copying an idea off other platforms.


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