Blog envy and busy weekends

Whilst enjoying a long weekend off being busy spending time with the family the one thing I didn’t get around to doing was writing on the blog much to my frustration. This frustration was compounded even more when I finally managed to read a few blogs on Sunday evening and realised how many people actually got around to writing, unlike myself.

Even as I type now on Monday evening Lola our little dog wants my attention and is licking my left hand despite me typing. Having a family, full time job and responsibilities means blogging slides down the list of priorities. Some days I’m better at using my time more economically than others but not this weekend.

Friday was a day spent continuing decorating my eldest sons flat by wallpapering his hallway. Over the last couple of months we have completely stripped all the old wallpaper off the walls inside the flat. Then we touched up all the painting and then wallpapered the bedroom, living room and now the hallway. Its been physically tough work fitting it in-between work but finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the flat is looking fresh, neat and tidy. After dinner on Friday evening we sat down to catch up on some decent television and had a couple of beers relaxing after being up and down ladders all day.

Saturday started with a relaxing lie in before doing all the cleaning chores in our house including picking up the food shop. Another evening of good television and more beverages meant the blog was left well alone.

Sunday was earmarked as a family day with the weather forecast as dry. We all went out for a 2 hour walk around the local woods and farmland taking in all the views getting some fresh air. We have managed to get into a routine of going out for nice walks on a Sunday before cooking a roast dinner and snuggling down into the comfort of the house.

By Sunday evening I barely had enough time to shave and iron my clothes for work never mind writing on the blog so you can see where all my time went this weekend.

Setting out schedules is easier said than done. I have to be in the mood and motivated to write, I struggle to write sticking to a regime. Surely writing should be off the cuff and spontaneous? So I decided the first thing I would do tonight was fire up the laptop and scribble down my thoughts on the blog.


  1. I agree that writing should be spontaneous. I used to write a weekly review every Friday on my whiskey blog, but lately it just stressed me out! I had so much going on and didn’t have any new whiskeys to write about either. My blog is just a hobby so there’s no reason to force myself to write bad posts. Now I have switched to doing them whenever I have something to write about, although I try to keep it as regular as possible.

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    • I have thought of writing once a week on a set day but like you it just adds to the stress. Also, something that you want to write say on a Monday may not have the same impact by Friday. Thanks for the comment.


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