Running man

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen my waistline steadily grow due to eating like its going out of fashion and a lack of exercise. Now the winter has arrived I’m not great at going cycling, I admit to being a fair weather cyclist. Give me dry weather and I’ll think nothing of doing 30 miles averaging 15-17 mph but come the cold, dark, gloomy days and nah you can forget it. So I tend to turn to running to keep the weight off through winter.

I’ll struggle to run 2 miles to start with but I usually build up to 10k (6 miles) eventually. Then by March the bike gets a little TLC and I’m out on two wheels again.

This time last year I was venturing into the gym at work doing various cardio work cycling, rowing and running on a treadmill after work which was ideal. Not only could I keep exercising but I could also let the traffic clear before getting into the car afterwards.

Then covid hit and all the work gyms closed not to mention it rained everyday in February which stalled my routine. It felt like two steps forward and three back by the time March arrived. I’d gone from running 10k to being back at square one and struggling with 5k.

So the previous two evenings I’ve taken myself up to our bedroom which fortunately is huge being in the loft space and churned out 100 sit ups and 50 press ups whilst listening to some tunes on Spotify.

I hope this will spur me on to running outside and so burn off some of this excess weight I’ve gained. Spending just 30 minutes upstairs has really invigorated me. From feeling tired and lay outstretched on the sofa I have then felt wide awake and able to stay up and watch television well into the evening despite the early starts for work.

I know how much better I feel when I’m exercising. It’s a no brainer to keep it going. My clothes feel better on and I feel healthy and fitter when training but it can be so difficult to keep the regime going especially when your doing it alone.

Today I plan to get out for a run around the block and tick off 2 miles. Mentally I feel like I’m carrying a sack of potatoes with me but I’ll just have to get over that and stay positive. That feeling won’t last forever, after a few regular runs I’ll start to notice a difference in my mindset and fitness.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this routine.


  1. […] For the last month or so I have been out running probably between 2 to 3 times per week. Starting off with small 2 mile runs arriving home blowing big style, then over time 2 miles became 3 and so on until now I regularly run 6 miles (10k). Feeling so good yesterday at 6 miles I just had to keep going until the 7 mile marker came up.  […]


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