Getting the exercise bug back

Yesterday was the first of eight days off work for me. A chance to get organised for Christmas, enjoy a break from work (the first since early August) and hopefully to get some exercise in too.

Since my last post I didn’t get chance to continue with any running as I worked late shifts all weekend. So my first day off and I was out into the cold fresh morning air and did a little dancing on ice at one point but thankfully managed to stay upright.

Two more miles in the legs which felt good. Then shortly afterwards my wife and I took our dog Lola for a long walk through fields, farms and onto the hills clocking up just over 3.5 miles in the process. The picture is taken from the West Pennine Moors looking out towards Manchester. My legs are remarkably good this morning after all those steps yesterday.

Tuesday was such a pleasant winters day with the sun shining, crisp blue skies which makes such a difference to your mood. Monday was depressingly wet all day, making you feel the total opposite.

This morning I’m itching to go out again although I’m trying to reign myself in a little and fit another run in based upon the weather forecast as we have wintery showers planned today. In fact the next few days look wintery with snow forecast on high ground. So in my head I’m planning on one more run today then rest for a couple of days before going out again maybe at the weekend.

I may just be getting the exercise bug once again!

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