Crossroads in life

I feel at a crossroads with the online world and have been for some time. Where do I sit within the mass of social media? What do I get from the online world? Is it useful to me? Is it making me unhappy? The list goes on.

For some time I have deactivated, deleted, reactivated, created social media accounts and blogs. I’ve gone from wiping myself off the landscape to reappearing within minutes, hours, days or weeks. I cannot make my mind up where I sit in the online world.

I’ll make a start with WordPress, its as good as any place to start seeing as I’m writing this on WordPress.

I’ve been blogging for 7 years now yet I have lost count of the amount of blogs I’ve created. There are two themes I like to write about, general life and football.

I enjoy writing about daily life and things that I wish to get off my chest. I’ve struggled with building a genuine following not all those marketing and money blogs that only follow for a follow back. When I have looked back at my WordPress followers over 90% have been accounts trying to sell me something rather than real people with real lives and real blogs. That disappoints me greatly, I want to immerse myself in a like minded online community where we share our stories and engage with each other. Not liking a blog post without reading it just in the hope that I click on your site and follow you. Its isn’t happening pal.

I wouldn’t still be here after 7 years if I didn’t enjoy writing but I struggle with content, time and a lack of engagement. I’ve walked away so many times because work and family have got in the way of me writing consistently only to return at some point because I want to try again. Despite each time starting a fresh, I encounter the same frustrations.

Social media
I’ve lost count of how many twitter accounts I’ve opened, used and then deleted in a huff over the last 10 years. I’ve found whatever or whoever I follow can effect my mood.

Too much political pursuasion and I get angry. Too much false blogging accounts and I’m off. Reading other people’s comments to news articles makes my blood boil. Yet the lure is often too much and I return. Twitter gives me instant news, sport, weather, etc in one place but the rest of the shite comes with it.

I’ve finally after a number of years fallen out of love with Facebook. In fact I remember 5 years ago deactivating my account as I had lost interest. Yet over the next 5 years I’ve stayed, had several sabbaticals and returned over again. This time I’m sure it’s over. I no longer find it useful and the same people are posting the same dull shite they did over the last 10 years, what’s interesting about that?

I cannot find one social media application that I find useful and fun at the same time. They all piss me off in some way, shape or form.

Then there’s all the time we waste online. Life’s too short to be refreshing news feeds that are basically telling us the same shite day in day out. Life’s too short to even be debating this whole issue.

I just need to make a decision and stick to it. Think of what I could do with all the spare time I’m not wasting online. Less reading of all the negativity, it sounds bliss.

Why do I even debate this? It’s a no brainer.


  1. Yes and amen to all this!! I’m exactly like you with blogs – I want to engage with real people, read real stories, not being treated like a potential customer all the time! I love reading about people’s lives and I dislike the new blogging trend – to each their own, but so many people have stopped writing real blogs and I miss them like crazy. But this is also the reason why I’ve wanted to continue writing that type of blog. “Be the change you want to see in the world”…
    I have a feeling I’ve written this on another of your posts? But I hate Facebook and social media… the only one I enjoy using is Twitter but as you say, there’s so much shite coming with it. I need to mute more topics on my feeds. I’ve stopped reading comments, I don’t want to be reminded of how horrible and stupid people can be.
    Writing your own blog is a good choice. Then only use the social media channels that bring you something positive.

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