A few thoughts as we head into 2021

Good Morning and a Happy New Year to you all. You find me writing this post whilst in the kitchen cooking up a hearty English breakfast to soak up last night’s alcohol and to set me up for the day. 

New Years Eve for ourselves was a quiet night in, listening to United We Stream which was 24 hours of non stop classic Hacienda tunes played by several well known house music DJs and bands like Inner City & K-klass. If you were in the UK or specifically Northern England in the late 1980’s & 1990’s you will know where I am coming from. Some absolute classic dancefloor tunes playing away in the background as we played several games as the clock ticked toward midnight. 

Despite being unable to meet up with friends due to the latest lockdown rules over here, we had a relaxing and enjoyable night at home snuggled warm with the snow still outside. We enjoyed ourselves enough but not too much that spoiled my New Year’s Day morning and a brisk walk out in the snow with the dogs. As I have gone through middle age, I still enjoy a good NYE party but I really enjoy waking up the next day with a clear head and going for a fresh walk whilst all the houses have their curtains closed as sleepy heads rest on their pillows. 

You will have to forgive me for not writing much recently but I have had a short sabbatical from here. I feel the need for such breaks regularly throughout the year and have just ended a long break from Facebook. I have kickstarted my other blog on football and appear to have found the love once again, even if it can be short lived. I easily get frustrated with the online world and run away closing things down only to resurface sometime later. We all need that break from time to time don’t we? 

I am unsure where this blog will go in 2021. Although I have been blogging for 7 years now and clearly enjoy it, many things do annoy me which only I can get over. Do not expect any great New Year’s resolutions around blogging from me unfortunately as some things I cannot change about myself. 

On this subject of resolutions, there is one that I am setting myself and that’s to look after my health and mental wellbeing. If 2020 taught me one thing with close family passing away before their time, lockdown, etc it is to look after one’s health as well as your mental health. 

There are a number of small steps I am taking to achieve this. Reduce my alcohol and food intake, exercise more regularly and to cut out things that anger or frustrate me. Life is too short to be angry all the time. 

Just prior to Christmas I started fasting between 7pm & 11am. I cut out snacking in the evenings and any feelings of bloatedness soon went. I learned we do not need anything like the amounts of food we do consume. Our bodies are designed to store up fats for those times we eat less, we really do not need to keep feeding our bodies 24/7. 

Add the endorphins released every time I exercise which lifts my mood considerably those small changes make a big difference. There is no “New Year, New Me” rubbish just making some small but positive changes to my lifestyle and reaping the benefits. Ideally I would like to lose a stone in weight (14lbs) and that is achievable over time. So during those dark and dismal months of January and February, I shall be busy exercising and eating well so that by Spring I hope to be in better shape. 

Today we will take all the Christmas decorations down as we always do on New Years Day. It is like a fresh start and we declutter the house as we go. It will be a shame to take the outside lights down especially as it is still snowy outside but they have to come down at some point, let that be today. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. No doubt I will still be around writing this time next year. I just hope in between that time I haven’t ripped this blog up only to start a new one shortly after. That behaviour I must change. 


  1. Oh, I recognise myself so much in what you say about being frustrated with the online and to close down things only to reappear. I’m exactly like that too (in fact, it’s almost a relief to see someone elsevbe like this!) . I’ve been doing some online decluttering lately which feels great. I was very close to quit my personal blog actually but in the end didn’t – instead I decided to change it a bit. I never do New year’s resolutions but for 2021 I’m determined to stop giving a **** about what other people think, and with my blog I’m going to do what makes me enjoy it. I certainly hope you will keep writing too!

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    • You are definitely not alone! I seem to be unable to just log out I feel the need to delete but then feel a numpty when I reappear. Many people tell me to just relax and enjoy writing, who cares what others think or who reads it? Just do it for yourself. I need to remember that next time I have a wobble.


  2. Good luck with your choices – there is no right way. It’s your blog and if you want a rest nobody can stop you. Then, when the voice in your head tells you, there’s nothing to stop you starting again. I had several blogs which petered out before I started this one, which seems to keep going. However, the original posts and the current ones have little to connect them, apart from typos and lapses of style and grammar. Some things never change.

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