Love thy blog

The other day as I was looking through my stats on the blog I suddenly took a different view of what I was seeing. Usually I spend little time on such figures partly because there are too few figures to divulge but also because I end up becoming too fixated with views. With a different and more positive outlook on things it dawned on me that my blog albeit small manages to spread itself all around the planet landing on people’s devices on every continent, how wonderful is that? 

Instead of looking negatively on viewing figures and playing the game of trying to gain more views and followers I felt a warm feeling that my words had made it to the Bahamas, over to Russia and everywhere in between. To think there were people in South Africa and the Bahamas who actually read my words. 

This made me realise I should cherish what I have, a hobby that allows me to get things off my chest and engage with fellow bloggers rather than get frustrated with the blogging experience and want to rip the whole thing up. 

Rather than raging over a lack of real people reading my posts and accounts selling products I do not want nor need liking my words purely for a follow back I will rise above this and feel a warm glow that I have a little piece of the internet where I can share my thoughts. 

Love thy blog and help it grow organically rather than force and falsely grow it. Be original, be myself and spread the joy. 


  1. Wise words. I became cynical about mere numbers a few years ago when I realised my 2,500 followers were really just 12 people who read the blog and 2,450 who visited once and moved on. The twelve proper followers helped me through lockdown, and that’s all I need.


  2. Yesss I agree wholeheartedly. I’m a content writer by trade so at work I have to make sure I’m writing for SEO, linking in all the write places, jumping on social trends and all the other tricks for growing an audience. With my own blog it’s a relief to just let it grow gently, without pressure, without a commercial reason. I post when I feel like it, about what I want and it’s a joy.

    I’ve just sat and enjoyed reading through some of your posts, thanks and good luck with the running!

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