A lot has happened already in 2021

Where to start as so much has happened already in 2021. I cant believe its one week since New Years Eve and two weeks since we were all getting excited for Christmas. Time flies and certainly waits for no man. 

The UK has entered lockdown 3.0 but for us Northerners living in the North West of England we haven’t been out of lockdown since the first one in March. Nothing has changed much for us apart from schools closing until February half term at the earliest. So my 14 year old son will be back doing online classes with no idea whether he will ever take his final exams in 18 months time with this year’s exams being cancelled already.

Then we have been caught up in a cold snap of weather with snow, ice and temperatures as low as minus 6c overnight and we Brits love talking about the weather. With people not driving as much due to lockdown cars have been completely covered in frost and ice making it look like Siberia outside. 

We are now seeing the results of people mixing over Christmas with over 60k new people each day becoming infected with Covid in England as well as hospitalisations and deaths rising too. Yet celebrities still behave like the rules don’t apply to them and break lockdown rules even promoting the fact on social media. For one they can clearly afford the fine they receive and two they are not the brightest bulbs in the box are they? If you are going to break the rules don’t post it to your millions of followers online. 

My wife and I have started calorie counting with our food as we aim to lose some weight. Taking on 500 calories less per day equates to losing 1lb per week. Add my running to keep fit and the 30day pushup and abs challenges I can feel my strength building already. Eating healthier has meant having double the recommended daily 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Add doing “Dry January” and no alcohol for the month will hopefully we will see some benefits. 

Until next time, stay safe. 

One comment

  1. Interesting approach to that extra Christmas weight – I was thinking of just buying bigger trousers. However, it seems wasteful as, if I get Covid, I may not get much use out of them before the funeral. Looks like I might have to diet instead. Aaargh!


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