Home schooling begins again

It’s Monday morning and my 14 year old son is up and logging into his school site for registration at 08:45, first class being Biology.

We are fortunate in that we have adequate hardware in the shape of a Google Chromebook and a windows laptop which I use if he needs. Then we have fibre broadband which means we have fast and reliable Internet into the house.

Had this pandemic hit say a decade ago we would have found things much more difficult.

Today we have just our youngest living at home and he is a joy to be around wanting to please and doesn’t need constantly reminding to do things especially around schooling. Our eldest son is now 20 and has his own place, he was and still is a different animal all together.

He never liked school, we would get regular calls home from school from teachers complaining about either his poor attitude or poor behaviour. Had the boys been aged around 12 and 6 for example we would have struggled to home school.

Firstly we would have spent all day refereeing the pair as they would argue and fall out constantly. Then we would have had two children accessing two different levels of schooling which would bring its challenges. I know many parents are juggling more than one child at home and at different school levels so I take my hat off to every single one of them. Then we may have struggled in terms of juggling our full time jobs around the boys being at home. I suspect my wife would have had to do the majority as I’m a key worker and have to be in work, although working shifts would have allowed me to help out when I am off during the week but it would have caused issues for sure.

It seems so straightforward that our son gets himself organised, logs on and does the school work whilst we are in the background here if he needs us.

Listening to the biology lesson took me back 30 years to when I was learning sciences at his age. Red and white blood cells, plasmas, platelets, oxygenated blood oh its all coming back to me! It won’t be the same for maths for me as I struggled and never enjoyed the subject.

So school learning is not as impactive for us as it is for millions of families and I am acutely aware of that.


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