Much ongoing without going anywhere

Where did all the snow disappear to? Late last night when I took the dogs out for their final walk we had a couple of centimetres of snow on the ground and it was still falling out of the sky at some rate. What a change from the previous 48 hours where we had a non stop deluge of heavy rain meaning there were flood warnings in place all around the borough. From heavy rain and temperatures of 10c to snow and freezing temperatures now we have rain again and no snow around, its bonkers. I am so glad I don’t have to be anywhere today, I feel a lazy day around the house a bit like yesterday.

When I say lazy I mean no long jobs lists or places to be. In fact I was busy faffing on my football blog tinkering with it and mixing a new introduction for my upcoming new podcast series. Having searched online for royalty free music I managed to find a jingle I was happy with then recorded a spoken introduction about the blog & podcasts mixing it all together on Audacity for a 1 minute clip that will be at the start of every episode. It even sounds semi professional, check me out!

Having written two blogs yesterday I can say I was very productive and happy with myself doing so much without even leaving the house. Having woken up this morning in the same vein just wanting to loiter around the house in my pyjamas and drink coffee all day, I thought I better provide an update on this site too so here I am.

I haven’t been lazy all this month. Since New Year I have completed a 30 day push up & abs challenge, starting a new 30 day challenge today increasing my exercises. I’ve been out running when dodging the snow showers managing to average between 4 & 7 miles at a time. My wife and I have been eating healthier and calorie counting which has resulted in me losing 7lb since New year. The core exercises are making a difference too. Not only is my strength building but I have noticed my core slowly toning up. All these milestones achieved motivates me more to carry on.

We are also 21 days into Dry January having not had a drop of alcohol since New Years Eve. Overall I am sleeping better with less interruptions and my mood has lifted. The whole idea this year for me is to be healthier and look after my mental health. Exercising really does help your mental health as much as your physical health.

In other news my father who is 83 next month had his Covid vaccination. He was raving about the centre he went to for the injection and how well run the place was as well as how friendly the staff were. He appeared apprehensive prior to his appointment wondering what the set up would be like, would his appointment be cancelled, etc but he fears never materialised. I think the jab gave him a bit of piece of mind really for when he goes outside and rightly so at his age although to look at him he looks 20-30 years younger than he actually is. Thankfully he is a naturally fit man who enjoys his walks and being active. I hope I am as active as him at 82.

Right time for another fresh pot of coffee, enjoy your day.

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