Up with the lark

It’s 8am on Sunday morning and I’m already on the laptop tapping away whilst the house is filling up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee as the coffee machine does its magic. The cat is in from a night on the tiles, fed and settling down to sleep for the majority of the day and the dogs are snoozing after having their breakfast. I should have been at work this morning but decided to use my last few days of holiday entitlement up wisely booking off the odd day here and there to shorten the working week and lengthen my days off. 

It’s funny how I had looked forward to having a lie in this morning. Usually the alarm would have gone off at 6am and I slid into bed last night smirking to myself at not having to set an alarm and hoping not to wake before 9am. Typical that I then woke at 7am with my brain kicking into overdrive with all sorts flowing through it and I ended up wide awake hence being up writing at this time. 

I pulled back the curtains to reveal a slight frost on the roof tiles and car windscreens. The sun was just coming up so the sky was a light blue with a tinge of orange coming over the hills, it looked beautiful if a little cold. 

I haven’t written as much this month on this blog but that doesnt mean I haven’t been busy writing. As you may be aware I have another website The Halftime Pie and I have been busy reinventing myself on there.

I’m rejuvenated publishing a regular Sunday piece and being organised writing it during the week so making the best use of my time. After asking a friend of mine who also writes a weekly column for another site for advice I have felt refocused and energised. I’ve called a few friends who previously took part in a couple of podcasts and they are more than happy to get involved again. I have a few ideas coming together nicely. 

Despite despising Facebook’s algorithms and the way it suppresses your pages’ reach forcing you to pay for advertising and promotion, I decided to create a Facebook page for the blog. The overriding reason was purely due to several friends who only read my posts on Facebook, they don’t bother with Twitter so I didn’t want those people to miss out as they were very kind to read, comment and get involved previously. I didn’t want my hatred for Facebook to ruin their enjoyment of my site. 

Many of you reading this post may already know this but if I could give you one piece of advice when running a blog it would be to speak to others and ask for advice. Whether that be fellow bloggers, friends, family or readers. Running any sort of site on your own can be difficult. You toil with decisions and which way to take your site but you cannot beat getting a second opinion. I did just that and the replies I got really did put me on a better path. 

I went from almost deleting the site to feeling rejuvenated and invigorated in a moment. When you have ideas spinning around in your head but are unsure whether to execute those or struggling with where you’re going just ask for help. One friend encouraged me by saying that it doesn’t matter if only one person reads your posts, that is success. Do it for yourself and enjoy it. 

He also told me to put a regular post out the same day every week so that my readers will know what and when to expect a post and look out for it. Sometimes it is little tips and advice that can put you back onto the right road. I often get muddled up and struggle on my own but having another voice to steer you and advise you (even if you don’t take that advice) is good to clear the mind and refocus. 

I started this post about my Sunday morning and ended up yacking about blogging tips and advice but I cannot underestimate the power of reaching out for some advice. Had I not done so then I may well have just deleted the whole thing and walked away. I’m glad I reached out. 

Enjoy your Sunday. 


  1. There are two important points there for me, Speaking as someone who nearly walked out of WP a few months ago, one is not to do anything rash, and the other is the question of readers. despite having 1,000s of “followers” I really only have a dozen regular readers, but it’s enough. I would continue writing because I enjoy it, but it’s better when it’s shared. Good luck with the new site.

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