Finding my new work normal

Today marks four months since I moved locations at work. Firstly, I cannot believe where that time has gone, secondly that initial excitement has finally worn off being replaced by the realisation that the workload is almost unmanageable.

Having worked at one location for twenty years I have missed so many people. The usual routines, commute, where to park, where you go out for lunch take some changing. If anything I have realised how much I did on autopilot such was my familiar ways.

On the plus side my new colleagues are great, making me feel very welcome. I have also swapped a 45 mile commute for a 7 allowing more time for life than sat in the car. You can never underestimate how fresher you feel driving just ten minutes to get home as opposed to 45 to 60 minutes.

One piece of advice that stuck with me when I left was to give the move at least six months before you think too deeply about it and now I totally understand those words. You cannot feel the same in a new place in four months that you did in a place you spent two decades of your life at. Moving in winter doesn’t help when everywhere looks so gloomy and your mood matches that. Everywhere will look and feel better in the sunshine. Nowhere looks great in the dark of winter first thing in the morning does it?

I have wondered if I did the right thing but overall I don’t regret the move. A lot of my old colleagues are moving on to pastures new so I would have only kicked myself had I not taken this opportunity.

Unfortunately things don’t stand still. Some of my new team are moving on as well which always upsets the equilibrium, no one likes their friends moving on and the team breaking up but it is a natural cycle.

Many years ago I heard a quote about when a new team forms.

Forming, storming, norming and performing.

When people form together everything is new and exciting, then there are fall outs (storming) before everything settles down and the normality starts which results in performance. I wouldn’t say I’ve stormed with anyone maybe just the idea of the move and its positives and negatives. Once through this comes the norming and performing.

Thinking about the journey I am going through I suspect the majority of the time I have been on an upward trajectory with everything being new and exciting but that excitement cannot last. At some point we drop down the other side but then flatten out and that becomes our “norm”.

I am on that journey but on the down spiral on the way to my new normal. Hopefully those grey skies will blow away to reveal a long lasting blue sky.

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