Amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it

Sunday morning its not even 7am the laptop is open and I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee. The washing machine has just finished its first of many washes today and all around me sleeps. The dogs are snoozing as are my wife and son yet I am up with a sparrows fart this Sunday morning.

Having worked nights last week I am struggling to negotiate my way back into normal sleep patterns. Whilst on nights I sleep well during the day the problem being returning to a normal sleep pattern once nights are over. Friday evening was the best sleep I’ve had for many a night. The bed was so warm and cosy, I drifted off in no time at all and had a fantastic lie in too. I think having such a good sleep on Friday meant I tossed and turned all night on Saturday with my body telling me I had probably had too much sleep. Hence why I am up and at it today.

Talking of Saturday, I ran the furthest I have ever done in my life running for 8 miles non stop. Feeling so good (probably due to the sleep) I kept going and going until I hit my new milestone. The feeling you get from hitting milestones and the rush of endorphins really is something else. In the last week alone I have ran 19 miles.

The weight loss is going well having now lost 11 pounds since 1st January. I completed dry January (no alcohol for the whole month) and did so with ease such was my motivation. Last weekend we decided to have a drink. Whilst it was nice to sink a few beers followed by Jack Daniels I went too far and was rather drunk by the end of the night. The next day I couldn’t remember taking the dogs out for their final walk late on Saturday evening. That Sunday I vowed to go another month without alcohol such was the crap feeling I had on Sunday. I even went without alcohol whilst staying up to watch the Super Bowl until 3am on the Monday morning. When we put our mind to things its amazing what we can achieve.

In early December I would struggle to complete 2 miles of running now I regularly run over 6 miles and comfortably so. I’m disciplined around food by counting my daily calorie intake and can fast for up to 18 hours without issue. Its all in the mind.

As we slowly start to see the days become longer as we come out of winter, my next plan is to get back cycling. Riding to work, longer rides on my days off as well as running will help with the final push to lose a further 7 pounds in weight and more importantly keep it off.

Having taken some time off work this week, the bike will get a once over and a clean ready for hitting the roads in the near future. February is such a unpredictable month weather wise in the UK so I want to be ready to start riding early March as we come out of winter. Its crazy that this last week has seen temperatures not get above freezing all day, add a strong easterly wind and the wind chill makes it feel -6c. Now we can expect temperatures to rise into double figures over the next week but with the warmth comes the rain.

The washing machine has finished, the coffee machine needs going back on so Ill say goodbye for now. Stay safe.

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