Amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it

Sunday morning its not even 7am the laptop is open and I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee. The washing machine has just finished its first of many washes today and all around me sleeps. The dogs are snoozing as are my wife and son yet I am up with a sparrows fart this Sunday […]

Finding my new work normal

Today marks four months since I moved locations at work. Firstly, I cannot believe where that time has gone, secondly that initial excitement has finally worn off being replaced by the realisation that the workload is almost unmanageable. Having worked at one location for twenty years I have missed so many people. The usual routines, […]

Up with the lark

It’s 8am on Sunday morning and I’m already on the laptop tapping away whilst the house is filling up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee as the coffee machine does its magic. The cat is in from a night on the tiles, fed and settling down to sleep for the majority of the day […]

Much ongoing without going anywhere

Where did all the snow disappear to? Late last night when I took the dogs out for their final walk we had a couple of centimetres of snow on the ground and it was still falling out of the sky at some rate. What a change from the previous 48 hours where we had a […]

Home schooling begins again

It’s Monday morning and my 14 year old son is up and logging into his school site for registration at 08:45, first class being Biology. We are fortunate in that we have adequate hardware in the shape of a Google Chromebook and a windows laptop which I use if he needs. Then we have fibre […]

Getting fitter getting stronger

Yesterday I went out running and ended up running further than I have ever before totalling 7 miles. Not even back in high school when participating in cross country did I ever run so far. It just goes to show you what you can achieve if you stick it out and build your fitness and […]

A lot has happened already in 2021

Where to start as so much has happened already in 2021. I cant believe its one week since New Years Eve and two weeks since we were all getting excited for Christmas. Time flies and certainly waits for no man.  The UK has entered lockdown 3.0 but for us Northerners living in the North West […]

Love thy blog

The other day as I was looking through my stats on the blog I suddenly took a different view of what I was seeing. Usually I spend little time on such figures partly because there are too few figures to divulge but also because I end up becoming too fixated with views. With a different […]

A few thoughts as we head into 2021

Good Morning and a Happy New Year to you all. You find me writing this post whilst in the kitchen cooking up a hearty English breakfast to soak up last night’s alcohol and to set me up for the day.  New Years Eve for ourselves was a quiet night in, listening to United We Stream […]

Crossroads in life

I feel at a crossroads with the online world and have been for some time. Where do I sit within the mass of social media? What do I get from the online world? Is it useful to me? Is it making me unhappy? The list goes on. For some time I have deactivated, deleted, reactivated, […]


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